Having founded and built multiple technology companies over the past 20 years, I have gained a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge in every aspect of creating and building companies. I understand the challenges, the need to be always moving forward and the lonely journey it can be for company owners.

I have experienced success, failure, had lucky escapes and been around the block a few times, each time giving me a unique experience and education. I live by the mantra that “life is for learning” and this is the single biggest reason I continue to offer help and support to my clients, each and every client has a unique storey from which to learn from and this is what inspires me.

My success is driven by a passion for business and innovation, my “outside the box” thinking coupled with an “anything is possible” attitude has given me the opportunity to work on ground-breaking technologies and with amazing companies all around the world, it has also given me the opportunity to build a hugely diverse network of connections and advisers across many countries and industries.



The startup world today doesn’t just need consultants, it need’s experience and expertise that can help get the job done.
Independent, objective and professional advice can help you make the right decisions to turn strategies ideas into reality.
EiR’s don’t mirror, they complement a CEOs’ strengths, they help turn your ideas into businesses and identify new opportunities.
If you don’t have the time or skill set to implement a project successfully, an expert resource can help so you can move your business forward.
Have an idea for a new business or product, moving into new markets, need some external, honest and practical advice? Always remember “Knowledge is power”.
A strong relationship with the right IT suppliers can be the making of your company, a bad one can be detrimental and cost you time, money and stress.

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First Contact

Coffee and a chat and we will quickly know how I can help, sometimes it might take a few coffee’s but that’s all part of the process.

Setting The Goals

Clear and well defined goals are the most important part of any process, we will work through these together to ensure our goals are set.
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Creating The Plan

A plan of action is the next most important part of the process, understanding your requirements and how we accomplish them is the only plan.


Success is guaranteed by a well-defined plan, I make sure every step of the plan is fully implemented ensuring our goals are met.

Long-Term Success

Your success is my success, I work hard to ensure goals are met, plans are implemented and actions are taken to ensure a successful future.


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