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25+ years of experience shaping the future of businesses and startups.

A Leader in Business and Technology Innovation

With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience, Mark Gaffney stands as a testament to the power of innovation and strategic thinking in the technology sector. His journey, marked by the founding and scaling of multiple tech companies, has endowed him with an in-depth understanding of the multifaceted challenges and triumphs in the business world.

Mark’s career is a narrative of resilience and continuous learning. He has navigated through both triumphs and setbacks, each experience enriching his expertise and approach. His philosophy, “life is for learning,” is not just a personal mantra but a professional practice. It drives his commitment to support and learn from every client, recognizing the unique story and potential in each collaboration.

Renowned for his “outside the box” thinking and a steadfast belief that anything is possible, Mark has been instrumental in developing groundbreaking technologies and strategies. His work has spanned globally, allowing him to cultivate a diverse network of connections and advisors across various industries and countries. This vast network, combined with his passion for business and innovation, positions Mark as a distinguished figure in the world of technology consulting, offering unparalleled insights and solutions to his clients worldwide


The startup world today doesn’t just need consultants, it need’s experience and expertise that can help get the job done.
Independent, objective and professional advice can help you make the right decisions to turn strategies ideas into reality.
EiR’s don’t mirror, they complement a CEOs’ strengths, they help turn your ideas into businesses and identify new opportunities.
If you don’t have the time or skill set to implement a project successfully, an expert resource can help so you can move your business forward.
Have an idea for a new business or product, moving into new markets, need some external, honest and practical advice? Always remember “Knowledge is power”.
A strong relationship with the right IT suppliers can be the making of your company, a bad one can be detrimental and cost you time, money and stress.


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