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25+ years of experience shaping the future of businesses and startups.

Innovator | Technology Consultant | Empowering Digital Transformation & Growth

With over two decades shaping the future of technology and business, I’ve embraced the journey from entrepreneur to strategic consultant, driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence. My mantra, “life is for learning,” fuels my approach to every challenge and opportunity.

Why I Do What I Do:
My fascination with technology’s potential to transform businesses and lives led me down a path of continuous exploration and growth. From founding tech startups to consulting for global enterprises, my mission has been to unlock potential and drive meaningful change.

Expertise That Delivers:
My journey has equipped me with a unique blend of skills – from navigating the complexities of AI and digital transformation to mentoring startups set for rapid growth. My approach is not just about solutions but about crafting strategies that are sustainable, innovative, and tailored to each unique challenge be that technology, commercialisation or innovation, no two businesses are ever the same.

Proven Impact:
I’ve had the privilege of leading teams to develop groundbreaking technologies, driving growth in many sectors, and guiding startups from ideation to market success. My diverse experience across industries has not only honed my skills but also expanded my global network of collaborators and innovators.

Let’s Connect:
Whether you’re navigating the digital landscape or looking to inject innovation into your business, I’m here to help. Let’s explore how we can transform challenges into opportunities and turn your visions into realities.

Reach Out:
Feel free to connect with me. I’m always open to discussing new ideas, opportunities, and collaborations.


Empowering Start-ups with Experience and Expertise
Harness the power of AI for innovative business solutions.
EiR’s don’t mirror, they complement a CEOs’ strengths, they help turn your ideas into businesses and identify new opportunities.
Revolutionise your business with cutting-edge digital strategies.
Custom strategies for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.
Have an idea for a new business or product, moving into new markets, need some external, honest and practical advice? Always remember “Knowledge is power”.


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