Technology doesn't have to be terrifying

Having worked on business and IT support projects globally, usually encompassing a large scope of work and spread across various industries I deliver value and expertise not commonly found within the organisations of many of my client’s.

I also bring a unique expertise, vision and set of skills to help my clients achieve their business goals. These projects can be operational, strategic, or technical in nature, clients leverage my decades of experience working across many different sectors and in the many different positions I have held within them.

Evaluate Project Parameters

Project evaluation is crucial, an independent evaluation can be priceless… a fresh set of eyes can make all the difference to any IT project or business change, if you want it straight then you won’t find a better person to tell it to you..

Analyze Project Issues

The number 1 issue many clients have is project issues, these issues can take many forms but usually they usually find themselves baffled by technology and smart consultants and projects run way over time and budget, I can usually put an end to these problems very quickly!

Validate a Project Plan

Many of our clients get caught in traps with suppliers and advisors who try to force their ideas and usually get away with it, this happens because these vendors know how to play the 5% game… if they know 5% more then their clients they become the smart ones. I change that so you are leading the conversation….

Test and Tweak Projects

It’s important to know how to do end to end testing in order to validate projects, it’s more important to be able to independently test and critique projects and business ideas with an experienced outsiders perspective.