Technology doesn't have to be a terrifying

Over the past few years the world of business and IT have become uniquely aligned, companies are now at the point where progression and success are dependent on implementing the right technology, infrastructure and processes, however there are countless cloud solutions, IT service providers and an army of inexperienced consultants that can make change extremely difficult and costly, this is especially true if it all goes wrong.

Our clients range from small 1 man businesses, start-ups to large corporations, each one has a unique requirement but what’s common is that they all need a little help and support. My range of services are unlimited, unlike normal service providers who are black and white with their offerings, I truly believe that your success is my success and engage as if your business was mine, offering independent help, support, advice and experience across the board.

IT Consulting

Helping clients assess the many different technology strategies so they can align their ideas with their business strategies and needs, be it which email platform should I use to which CRM, if you get it wrong, it can go really wrong…

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing offers all the advantages you would expect from the very latest in technologies but there are lots of different options and decisions to be made, don’t end up on the wrong cloud.

Digital Transformation

Implementing new technology and solutions can help grow your business significantly but doing it wrong can cost you much more, independent advice keeps and support keeps everyone focused on the goals.

IT Advice & Support

Most of our clients know there are solutions to their technology problems but don’t know where to find them or how to implement them, It’s important to have an experienced advisor that can support you in finding the right solution for your business.