Turn your start-up dream into a reality

Sometimes inspiration strikes like a bolt of lightning, all of a sudden you’re motivated and ready to getting started. An idea for a new project or company is really exciting, but until you put the right plans in place, it remains just an idea.

That’s where I can help. I have worked with many start-ups over the years helping them take their ideas from concept right through to launch and beyond, having access to extensive entrepreneurial and business experience to work out how to go from amazing idea to profitable reality is the support every start-up needs.

No matter what the idea or sector you plan to disrupt, getting your start-up foundations right is crucial to your long-term success.

Qualify The Idea

What problem are you solving, Is it one lot’s of people have? Has anyone else tried to solve it? There are hundreds of questions to be answered at this stage.

Set The Foundations

Company Structure, Business Model, Clear Vision, Strategic Mission, Building a Team, Creating solid foundations is complex but they need to be accurate from the very beginning.

Take Action

Need to raise finance? Looking at start-up grants? Need to decide on a technology stack? Find Development and Marketing Partners, Now it’s getting complex and there’s another million questions to be answered!

Keep Moving

Product launched, now what… TRACTION.  Traction is a journey of twists, turns, opportunities and knock-backs and each one needs to be capitalised on, this is when you need a experience on your side!